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Deepening into Myself w/ Caitlin

Deepening into Myself w/ Caitlin

Caitlin’s first job became keeping the family as calm and “copacetic” as possible and to stay small and out of the way. Amongst growing up in a household that requested so much of her, Caitlin began seeking out things that would help maintain the pain. Caitlin sought after sex, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, and anything that would help her seem like things were okay. She left her hometown to go to college which luckily made it difficult to access certain drugs such as heroin which she attributes to saving her from being a heroin addict. She had trouble fitting in at college, until one person went out of her way to invite Caitlin in, amongst Caitlin’s attempt to push her away. This person introduced Caitlin to a Yoga studio that would impact her life still to this day. Caitlin bounced around trying to find her place, running from triggering life experiences and attempting to learn about herself. This led Caitlin to finding her husband and her best friend, Jeff. Jeff became an instrumental part in Caitlin’s healing. He listened to her whole story, told her to do absolutely anything she wanted to help her heal, and became a rock when times became difficult. With her free time, Caitlin learned to sit and be with herself. She opened the doors to her deep emotions. At times she struggled, but found the strength inside her to keep going and learning. Caitlin feels that things are not resolved, the journey isn’t done, there’s still so much for her to look at and heal from, but she continues to take the steps to be with herself in these moments, connect with community, and be open for change. Caitlin teaches us to spend time listening to the wisdom that lives inside us all. She inspires us to keep pushing and keep going when life gets hard. Caitlin shows us how healing speaking one’s full story can be. To learn more, visit our website at Facebook: thesurvivorstorypodcast IG:@thesurvivorstory Twitter:_survivor_story

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