The Survivor Story

Finding Recovery w/ Deb

Finding Recovery w/ Deb

Deb grew up in a family that expected her to be a good girl, to make others happy, and not display any negative emotions. She was taught to smile through the pain of living in a dysfunctional family. She learned how to navigate her world by numbing and shunning her true feelings.  Since she had learned to focus on pleasing others and not expressing her true feelings, her adult relationships were difficult and not fulfilling. One relationship became extremely abusive, to the point where she was uncertain if it might cost her life. For many years she remained loyal to a partner who continually abused and took advantage of her. She felt compelled to stay in a miserable relationship, and she could not understand or explain why. One day she realized enough was enough. She sought out help through therapy which eventually pointed her in the direction of recovery. Through recovery, she learned how to manage and control her inner states by working on her inner drug store, finding clarity and serenity, and seeking peaceful surroundings. Deb teaches us to explore our past to learn new modes of thinking and behaving that serve our present experience. She teaches us to deeply reflect on our emotional reactions to shift into a life of conscious choice. She teaches us to be our own loving-parent and that finding contentment is possible.To learn more, visit our website at Facebook: thesurvivorstorypodcast IG:@thesurvivorstory Twitter:_survivor_story

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