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Staying Alive w/ Shea Freedom

Staying Alive w/ Shea Freedom

Shea’s life begins by understanding the life of his ancestors. His parents were products of slavery and segregation which led to generational effects of trauma. Shea was born as a biological female but always knew he was male. Shea suffered from abuse and neglect at the hands of his parents.Shea was taken from his family at the age of 7 and was placed into foster “care” until the age of 17. Shea was then thrusted into a life of homelessness. Shea had to learn his way in the world.At age 14, Shea’s birth mother passed away and in return he was gifted his mother’s guitar. Shea found his own healing through music and told his own story of forgiveness and spirituality through the strum of his guitar and the harmony of his voice.As a boy born into a woman’s physical body, Shea learned about spirituality through his own life experience. He spreads his understanding of life and spirituality through his music.His goal isn’t to be famous, but to help other youth, especially transgendered youth, in the foster care system. He has toured and opened for bands like Rising Appalachia and Trevor Hall and continues to play music and be a voice for transgender and foster care youth.Shea teaches us about honoring the ones who came before us and the ones who will come after us. Shea teaches us about forgiveness and the importance of “staying alive” and “following your dream.” He teaches us to continue through the dark to be a light for others.

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