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#13 Pump Fakes and Hot Takes - Alex Superman Johnson

#13 Pump Fakes and Hot Takes - Alex Superman Johnson

We loved getting to talk all things basketball with our friend Alex Superman Johnson. As a former D1 athlete and now playing in the Canadian League, Alex gives us some flaming hot takes in this episode that you're not going to want to miss.He starts off by telling us the story behind his viral proposal (1:30) He tells us who is a better basketball player between himself and his wife (3:10) We learn about girls in high school giving him the famous nickname "Superman" that's stuck with him throughout his entire career (5:40) Alex tells his story from busses to jets as he switched from Bakersfield to NC State (9:00)Scott Wood's 3 point drop off that proved the fact that you never want to be in a 3 point contest with him (12:12) We learn how Alex's visa mishap landed him the #1 pick in the league (15:30) Alex gives his take on Zion Williamson (19:00) UNC vs NC State (22:50) and finally Scott gets the answers he's always been looking for about how accurate NBA 2K is to real life (31:10) All that and so much more packed into this episode. Find us on Instagram and twitter @thetakenicians and let us know what you take!

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