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TFP 141: Proven Secrets From The World’s Best Coaches and Pros

TFP 141: Proven Secrets From The World’s Best Coaches and Pros

On Episode 141 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I reveal nine proven secrets that I’ve learned from interviewing and studying the best tennis coaches, pros, and experts on the planet over the years.  These secrets are from my newest eBook, the Tennis Secrets Playbook, which you can download for free at! I created the eBook by analyzing hundreds of my interviews from the podcast and summits I’ve hosted, picking the best advice I could find from over 35 top coaches and pros, and using it to create the Tennis Secrets Playbook. On the show, you’ll learn why we need a game plan to maximize success, the importance of scheduling your practice and workouts, the three parameters of footwork, how to fix your technique, why we should take care of our fitness, and much more! If you liked the advice from these amazing coaches and pros, then go to to download the Tennis Secrets Playbook for free! Tennis Summit 2020, an online tennis conference to help you level up your tennis game with lessons from 30+ world class coaches, is happening less than 2 weeks from today! Register for free today at! LINKS: Tennis Secrets Playbook Tennis Summit 2020 Podcast Episodes James Blake Paul Annacone Michael Russell Nick Bollettieri Taylor Dent Dr. Mark Kovacs  Emilio Sanchez Gigi Fernandez Todd Widom Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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