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I Like You, I Don't LOVE You

I Like You, I Don't LOVE You

You know what they say, “When the boss is away…” Kacey decided to live her best life in Vegas this past weekend and left her co-host Brittney at the helm of steering a conversation with “Trollmar” and “the know it all”. While she provided them all with topics to discuss, they undoubtedly veered off course and addressed the hit series Power, Kanye West’s latest antics, and the role that trauma plays in our lives. Eventually, the team got back on message and addressed the differences between like, love, and being “in love”. Omar also explained the importance of “dookie” when you’re in love (You’ve gotta hear it to get it). So get comfortable, It’s been a minute, and we went a while. -Intro to the podcast is an excerpt from The Roommates Podcast (@roommateshtx) featuring Stephan Speaks(@stephanspeaks). --Soundtrack Music by Sizwe the DJ

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