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TEW RADIO FACTOR FEAT. DJ Eric B}} 07-09-08 {{{{

TEW RADIO FACTOR FEAT. DJ Eric B}} 07-09-08 {{{{

THIS WEEK ON TEW WE HAVE A BREAKS, TRANCE & HARD HOUSE MIX FROM DJ ERIC B IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS DJ Riot,DJ COOH, PEGRO DELGARDO, DJ EXODUS FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY This mix is solid all the way through. It has the peaks and the valley's so it is what every good DJ strives to spin. Eric B is from Dallas and has spun at all of the major clubs. Eric B. has shared the stage with some of the best DJ's in the business!Make sure you go to: CLICK HERE FOR PODCAST FEED EXCLUSIVE TICKETS FOR THE TOP TEN GROOVE TICKETS EVENTS Visit the Website at for more information on the TEW Radio Factor and donate via Paypal to help keep this Podcast and our Blog on the net! If you enjoy this Blog and show Podcast Show Please: 1. Let me know, you can find me at Let others know, leave your comments on the iTunes Music Store! Thanks to everyone who continues to support the The TEW Radio Factor! Your support makes this podcast show possible!

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