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Dr Phil McGraw: Before He Was Dr Phil He Was Dad.

Dr Phil McGraw: Before He Was Dr Phil He Was Dad.

Before he was Dr. Phil as we know him; before he was to become television’s problem solver and the man with the solution to almost any human issue or conflict, he was a son, a husband and a father. As I anxiously await fatherhood and all its’ challenges, I sit down with Dr. Phil McGraw, who has raised two boys into extremely successful, smart and resilient men. I get the honor of receiving some priceless, sage advice on fatherhood from a man who lived through some tough times that included growing up in a family affected by alcoholism, violence and financial hardship, only to create a life filled with wisdom, strength and most importantly love. For anyone raising kids in today’s world with all the scary headlines on tv and social media, and who have questions about protecting children without over-protecting them and teaching them to think for themselves, you’ll want to listen. Dr Phil embodies common sense and in this episode he shares the amazing stories of the lessons he imparted on his boys that I know I’ll be utilizing while raising my son. Dr Phil also reveals how he maintains a strong work ethic while creating balance and the importance of showing up for yourself. This episode is chock full of the insight and wisdom that has made Dr Phil a success in fatherhood, business and life! I know you take away something meaningful and life changing from listening. I know did. Instagram /Twitter @stage29podcasts   Facebook Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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