Tula Balance

A Meditation on Balance

A Meditation on Balance

This is a guided meditation on the exploration of inner balance. This meditation contains a poetry component, a body scan, and breath awareness. It can be used for focus and concentration before an exam, as a guided sleep meditation, or simply as a way to relax, centre, and anchor yourself. "We inhale, and an apple has fallen to the dry ground. On it, the ants have begun to crawl. To them, this is an earth within the earth. The surface of the apple is flat, where it has bruised there is a crater. For all that is, is an antithesis of itself, the paradox of an anterior possibility."   Website: https://tulayogaflow.wordpress.com/    Full Meditation Transcript: https://tulayogaflow.wordpress.com/20...  Meditation Music - https://www.bensound.com/

Duration: 14 min

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