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Building Alignment: The Foundation - Episode 145

Building Alignment: The Foundation - Episode 145

Times of crisis shine a spotlight on issues like lack of vision clarity and team misalignment. If you sense the future for your church feels unclear and that your team is not pulling in the same direction, you’re not alone. In this episode, we kick off a series about a tool—the Strategic Alignment Pyramid—that can help you learn how to reinvent your ministry methods in a way that will unify your entire team around a clear mission and the right priorities. In Part 1, Tony and Amy discuss the things that stay the same even in times of rapid change—the foundational layers. They need to be defined, but they don’t ever really change.  For the full episode transcript, links mentioned during the show, and to download the Leader Conversation Guide, visit this episode's Show Notes at Join the Live Conversation on Social Media If you're listening on Wednesday, when the episode first releases, join the live conversation The Unstuck Group's team will be having on social media about this week's topic. We use hashtag #unstuckchurch on Twitter. Or you can join in on Facebook. Ask your questions and add your comments about the topic. If you're catching this episode later, you can still join in! Just tag us @unstuckgroup or use #unstuckchurch, and include [episode 145] in your post for reference.

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