Sandy Rea

Sandy Rea

On September 19, 1984, 17-year-old Sandy Rea was last seen at the Windsor Bowling Alley in Shawnee, Oklahoma. At the time, Sandy’s cousin was working at the bowling alley and the two had a brief conversation. Sandy made a phone call but it’s unclear exactly who she called. She mentioned to her cousin that she was going to a party and asked if he wanted to join her. He declined, he couldn’t abandon his shift. Her cousin walked away to go clean a lane and around 8:30PM, when he looked up, he saw Sandy walking out of the bowling alley. This is the last confirmed sighting of Sandy Rea.  More than 35 years later, her family is still searching for answers.If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sandy Rea, please call the Shawnee Police Department at 405-273-2121.You can follow Sandy's case on Facebook at: Remember what Really happened in Shawnee.This episode was sponsored by:Nextdoor- Go to Nextdoor.com/VANISHED to sign up and see what is going on in your neighborhood.Sakara- Sakara is offering our listeners 20% off their first purchase when you go to https://www.sakara.com/vanished?utm_source=podcast&utm_medium=vanished and enter code VANISHED at checkout.Quip- Get a free refill pack with the purchase of a Quip electric toothbrush. Visit GetQuip.com/vanished.

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