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S E132: Ask Nick - A Master Class with Rachel Lindsay

S E132:  Ask Nick - A Master Class with Rachel Lindsay

Ask Nick - A Master Class With Rachel LindsayToday on Ask Nick, Rachel Lindsey joins Nick to break down her conversation with Hannah Brown and helps educate us on how to be better allies today by understanding the past. We then jump into our callers and we talk to someone who keeps getting the “it's not you, it's me” at the end of her relationships, while long distance raises insecurities with another couple, a wife struggles with the people closest to her judging her husband for previously being in the porn industry, and a caller that needed to hear her baggage & location does not define her.“Find the one that puts up with all your bullshit, that’s love.” Send your sex and dating questions to asknick@kastmedia.com.THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS:Masterclass: masterclass.com/viallModern Fertility: modernfertility.com/viallHawthorne: hawthorne.co CODE: VIALLNoom: noom.com/VIALL

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