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Ask Nick - The Biggest Liar

Ask Nick - The Biggest Liar

On today's Ask Nick, Nick dives into how often we lie to ourselves to protect our egos. Nick speaks with someone who keeps going back to her comfort zone hookup even though she "knows" it won't work, someone whose exciting world-traveling long-distance relationship has ended in a sudden long-distance breakup, someone whose new quarantine crush seems to be fizzling, and someone looking for tips on navigating quarantine online dating. Learn to tell yourself, "I gotta stop doing that!" ...and then actually do it. Send your sex and dating questions to asknick@kastmedia.com.THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:LUMIN: luminskin.com/viallTHERAGUN: theragun.com/viallHIDRATE SPARK: hidratespark.com/viall

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