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S E133: Meghan Tonjes - Fat, Blessed & Thriving

S E133: Meghan Tonjes - Fat, Blessed & Thriving

Recording artist, YouTuber, & Podcaster Meghan Tonjes joins Nick this week challenging us to to think deeper and show up to conversations without thinking you know everything. An advocate for body+ Meghan has learned first hand from being body shamed on the internet the effects it can have on someone’s self worth. She opposes Cancel Culture and shares with us how she thinks the world is not changing quickly enough, encouraging us to punch up rather than punching down.“It's not radical. It's just overdue.” Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode! Thank you to our sponsors: EMBARK: embarkvet.com CODE: VIALLFLAMINGO: shopflamingo.com/VIALL BEST FIENDS: https://bestfiends.com/FUNCTION OF BEAUTY: functionofbeauty.com/VIALL

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