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Charlee and the Electronic Shock Containment System w-Dan Antolec

Charlee and the Electronic Shock Containment System w-Dan Antolec

Have you ever thought about using a shock collar with your dog, or do you currently use one? Do you know someone that does? Please, listen to this podcast to learn about the dangerous fallout that can occur when using electric shock to train or contain your dog. In this episode of The Woof Meow Show from April 18th, 2020, Don Hanson talks with Dan Antolec, Co-Chair of the Shock-Free Coalition and the owner of Happy Buddha Dog Training in Brooklyn, Wisconsin. Don and Dan are both credentialed professional dog trainers and dog behavior consultants committed to pet care that is free of pain, force, and fear. They serve on the Pet Professional Guild Steering Committee and co-chair the Shock-Free Coalition. In this podcast, we discuss Antolec’s article E-Fence Fallout, which appeared in the March 2020 issue of BARKS from the Guild, the official publication of the Pet Professional Guild. The subject of the article is a dog named Charlee. Charlee’s guardians sought Dan’s advice after installing an Electronic Shock Containment System, also called a non-visible fence, which severely and negatively affected Charlee’s behavior and quality of life. Topics we discuss include the lack of knowledge of the “professional” installer who sold the system and the franchise’s failure to disclose potential side-effects of using a shock collar. We will reveal how the system failed to keep Charlee in her yard as advertised and made her afraid to come back into her yard and safety. Dan will describe how a malfunction by the shock collar caused Charlee to be shocked while simply relaxing calming in her own home. Lastly, we discuss how the shock and the benign sound that reveals a shock is imminent, caused Charlee to become afraid.  The painful shock soon became associated with a wide variety of sounds heard in Charlee’s environment regularly. Soon she was always anticipating another painful shock and living in constant fear. We also discuss some of the many peer-reviewed scientific articles that warn of the use of electric shock for the purpose of training, behavior change, or containment. Charlee’s story is painful, but it is a story that Charlee’s guardians and Dan wanted people to hear so that we can end the use of these abusive and dangerous tools. If you would like to join us at the Shock-Free Coalition and help us stop the use of shock collars, please take the pledge, as an individual or business, and at no cost to you at, You can go a step further and order some Shock-Free merchandise at the coalition online store at – If you wish to report that your pet has been exposed to a Shock-Collar by a Pet Professional without your explicit knowledge and approval, you may do so at

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