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Pets in the News No. 9

Pets in the News No. 9

In this episode of The Woof Meow Show from April 25th, 2020, Kate and Don discuss several recent articles in the news about dogs and cats. The topics they discuss include; COVID-19 and Your Pets Pet Grooming & COVID-19 Puppy Socialization & Alone Training Understanding A Cat’s Emotional State By Looking At Their Face Why A Cat Should Not Be Declawed You can find links to all of the articles we discussed below. Links to Articles from the Show COVID-19 and Your Pet - What You Need to Know – Dr. Karen Becker - COVID-19 and Pet Dogs – BARKS from the Guild – Dan Antolec - Don’t Get Your Pet Groomed; Groomers Say – from the Atlantic on April 14th by Olga Khazan - Alone Training - How to Help Your Dog Avoid Separation Anxiety – Dr. Karen Becker - Reading Cats’ Minds – BARKS from the Guild, Andrea Carne - Humans can identify cats’ affective states from subtle facial expressions - Cat Quiz – Advanced Cat Quiz - The Pet Professional Guild Position Statement on Cat Declawing - Download PDF -   Contact Info for The Woof Meow Show Address: 1653 Union St., Bangor, ME 04401 Phone: 207-945-6841, x103 Upcoming Shows: Website: Don’s Blog: Podcast Site: Live Stream: Facebook:

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