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Brought to you by: Stiegler's Choco-Nut Cookies

Brought to you by: Stiegler's Choco-Nut Cookies

Abrupt changes in policy force a government surveillance employee to confront the reasons she took the job. *brought to you by STIEGLER'S CHOCO-NUT COOKIES: Careful! They're addictive. THESE MESSAGES will be new every three weeks!For more free content, find us on Twitter and Facebook, and please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. TWITTER: FACEBBOK: PATREON: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THESE MESSAGES was created by Alessio Franko, Daniel Goulden, and Jasper Johnson This episode was written by Alessio Franko and directed by Daniel Goulden "Petra" was Emily Hooper "Stewart" was Daniel Goulden "Rufus Schwartz" was Alessio Franko

Duration: 13 min

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