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Ep. 24 - How to Be At Home, and actually Be At Home

Ep.  24 - How to Be At Home, and actually Be At Home

Covid19, rocked all of our worlds. Listen to this LIVE broadcast from the Thinker Studio in the Think3D offices right before coronavirus truly changed all of our lives significantly. In this live video, we were talking about being present at home, throughout quarantine and social distancing.  How do we continue to engage our loved ones, family members, friends and team mates throughout these times? What if our relationships, home lives, marriages weren't great to begin with? What do I do now that I'm forced to literally spend all my time around a spouse, partner, family member, parent, that I haven't really had a good relationship with?  How do I draw boundaries between work and home life? More importantly - how do I do all of this and manage the stress of what's happening?  Let's talk about it...

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