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Ep. 28 - The Power of Optimism

Ep. 28 - The Power of Optimism

When we think about optimism, sometimes it's easy to think about having your head in the clouds, or living with rose-colored glasses on.  Right now as we face down a global health crisis, it can be difficult to 1) see the good in anything and 2) be vocal about optimism when by and large most sources of information are negative, speculative or flat-out false.  Vaney and Tamien break down the core concepts of optimism, talking about how optimism doesn't end with just having a positive thought, or hoping for the best. True and proactive optimism seeks out ways to influence or control the factors around us that we can change, and to put into perspective the things we can't.  True optimism is an action and as Vaney says - nothing of significance happens without intention.   

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