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BLOW UP :: Fred Durst

BLOW UP :: Fred Durst

On a sunny afternoon in June, legendary rock star Fred Durst visited The Hundreds Los Angeles. It was a surreal few hours. He was helping us out with the roll out of The Hundreds X Osiris D3, a shoe he helped put on the map nearly two decades earlier. After the photoshoot, Fred sat down with Bobby for an extensive conversation that covered early 2000's fashion, the cost of fame, and raising kids in today's society. Given that the Limp Bizkit frontman rarely gives interviews, especially one this in-depth, the occasion was as big as the shoe that brought everyone together that day. It was one we'll never forget. Listen to their conversation in this episode of This Is Not a Podcast, which ties in with the BLOW UP chapter of Bobby's book, This Is Not a T-Shirt.

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