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COMMUNITY :: Nipsey Hussle

COMMUNITY :: Nipsey Hussle

On February 11, 2018, I interviewed the late, great rapper and community leader, Nipsey Hussle, for an editorial piece entitled “At Conflict with the World.” Ironically, we recorded most of the discussion while parked in the space where Nip’s life would tragically be stolen one year later. Since his death, I’ve been discouraged by the hole Nipsey leaves behind in our culture, in music, in Los Angeles. Yet, I’m simultaneously inspired by a generation of upstarts from the neighborhood who have picked up the torch and are setting a new wildfire. Today, I bring you our entire conversation as the tenth and final episode of my series, This Is Not a Podcast. Let’s do our part to keep his legacy alive by listening to his music, sharing our Nipsey stories, and putting out communities first. -Bobby Hundreds

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