Bobby Hundreds



On the day Bobby's book was released, as countless fans and friends and family finally got to dig in to This Is Not a T-Shirt, the author himself was heading back to where it all started. Before the big release event and book signing at The Grove in LA, Bobby was set to reconnect with an old friend in Wale that had seen The Hundreds in its infancy, when the brand was just trying to find its footing and make its way. Wale could relate, he was new to the scene on Fairfax and like many others before him, found comfort in the friendships forged over sneakers and streetwear. As Wale's music career and The Hundreds brand both blossomed into forces in their respective arenas, Wale and Bobby's paths diverged and the two stopped seeing each other all of the time. But on this momentous occasion, Wale was gracious enough to come back to Rosewood Ave and sit down with an old friend to discuss where they'd been, what they'd done, and, most importantly, what they overcame to get here.

Duration: 19 min

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