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THE HARDEST PART :: Ellen Bennett

THE HARDEST PART :: Ellen Bennett

If there is anyone outside of Bobby and Ben that has embodied the spirit of The Hundreds more than Ellen Bennett, feel free to point them out. The former line cook turned kitchenwear extraordinaire took entrepreneurship to another level, developing a brilliant idea into one of the strongest brands in the food world, backed up by a supportive community that cares about quality and the love that every real kitchen contains. Ellen's Hedley & Bennett brand has exploded, and you can find her company's creations in many of the world's best kitchens, including Bobby's. The Hundreds has even worked on collaborations with Hedley & Bennett on multiple occasions -- and will again soon! Ellen visited The Hundreds HQ to sit down with Bobby for an in-depth conversation about chapters of the story nobody wants to talk about, the dark days. When building a business, road blocks are inevitable, and while difficult to traverse, they strengthen you and your company as a whole. Listen to this episode of This Is Not a Podcast to learn how both Bobby and Ellen made it through.

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