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UPSET THE SETUP :: Jessie Andrews

UPSET THE SETUP :: Jessie Andrews

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Jessie Andrews' story could have played out so much differently. After getting her start in porn when she was 18, Jessie amassed a huge audience but realized quickly that she would need to diversify her brand to sustain growth and reach more people outside of that world. First with a successful jewelry brand, and then with swimwear, and now with a number of other brands and a charitable organization, Jessie figured it out. She didn't have a team helping her solve problems, she just... figured it out. And she did it her way, until her way was the right way. It's incredibly inspiring to see the burgeoning empire Jessie has created out of a small studio. She visited The Hundreds HQ to sit down with Bobby and discuss how straying from the normal tried-and-true blueprint can teach you (and others after you) the most.

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