This Kinda Rocks

"This Kinda Rocks" is a conversation with a guest about something the guest is excited about. Topics range from comics to fish breeding. It's all about learning and getting people excited to talk about things that kinda rock. CHI PEOPLE MEDIA is a podcast network focused around Collaboration, Community, and Content. For more information please follow us at or @chipplmedia around the web.

Episodes: 6


Episode #9 Feat. Mick Goulding

Duration: 28 min

Episode #8 Feat. Grant McKee

Duration: 26 min

Episode #7 Feat. Kyle Janis

Duration: 33 min

Episode #6 feat. Zeke Eastman

Duration: 32 min

Episode #5 Feat. Terry Gant

Duration: 28 min

Episode #4 Feat. Michelle Garcia

Duration: 23 min

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