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What Are Your Favourite Podcast Shows (or Genre)?

What Are Your Favourite Podcast Shows (or Genre)?

Everyone has a favourite podcast show. But not everyone likes the same ones. There is no point convincing your family, friends or partner to listen to your favorite show.C’mon, how many of you actually enjoy...- The BBC Global News Podcast- Freakonomics- Oprah's Super Soul - Crimetown- Invisibilia - The Infinite Monkey Cage Or even the…Leaders of Learning (ehem… plug intended)There are over 500,000 podcast shows and increasing every week. How do you know which genre of podcasts are right for you? Ling & Raven, both established and seasoned podcasters, will help answer your questions about podcasts and podcasting. So you don't have to wade through mountains of content to find what works for you and your podcast show.In this episode, we share the diverse world of podcasts and that no one show is ever alike.This podcast is recorded over Zencastr. Ling Ling is using Audio Technica's ATR2100 and Raven is using a Yeti Blue Microphone.Subscribe to our platform at Spreaker. We will be available on other podcast platforms soon. If you have a questions for Ling and (or) Raven about podcasts and podcasting, do send us an email at and we'll answer them on the show.Speak up and share your passion with the world. Happy Podcasting!

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