Vincent Racaniello

TWiP 179: Verminous visitors

TWiP 179: Verminous visitors

The TWiP DVD solve the case of the Child Who Passed Worms, and discuss a non-human primate model for severe malarial anemia. Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, and Daniel Griffin Subscribe (free): iTunes, Google Podcasts, RSS, email Links for this episode PWB social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Primate model of severe malarial anemia (Sci Rep) Ascaris skirt (and more!) Hero: Harold W. Brown Letters read on TWiP 179 Become a patron of TWiP. Case Study for TWiP 179 From Uganda, eastern up in mountains, rainy season. 6 yo girl brought in by mother on Monday, reporting several days of feeling poorly, headache, fever, muscle aches. Negative malaria smear on Monday. Wednesday returns, feeling worse, fever higher, headache worse. Lungs clear, belly (pain on left side) has large spleen. Living in good conditions, well dressed, dirt floor house, concrete walls. Toilet is hole in back. Same dietary habits, high in carbs. No mosquito netting. Water from stream. No siblings. HIV negative. Send your case diagnosis, questions and comments to Music by Ronald Jenkees

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