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TWiV 361: Zombie viruses on the loose

TWiV 361: Zombie viruses on the loose

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Alan Dove, and Rich Condit The TWiVsters discuss Frederick Novy's return from retirement to recover a lost rat virus, and evidence for persistence of Ebolavirus in semen.   Links for this episode Frederick Novy and the rat virus (Ann Int Med) 18:20 The rat virus (J Inf Dis) 22:55 Recovery of the rat virus (J Inf Dis) 35:20 Ebola sitrep 42:25 Meningitis in Glaswegian Ebolavirus nurse (ProMedMail, Medscape) 45:50 Sexual transmission of Ebolavirus (NEJM) 50:25 Ebolavirus RNA persistence in semen (NEJM) 1:04:25 Airplane banner falls into Hudson River (jpg) Image credit Letters read on TWiV 361 7:25, 1:13:25 This episode is sponsored by ASM Education: ASM MOOC 3:50 Weekly Science Picks 1:27:05 Alan - StickyRich - Arthur C. Clarke predicts the Internet (so did Vannevar Bush)Dickson - Nikon Small World Photomicrography winnersVincent - Pat Schloss on microbiome initiative Listener Picks Awkward Skeptic - 16 year old wins Google prize for detecting Ebolavirus Timestamps by Jennifer. Thanks! Send your virology questions and comments to

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