Self Image | THOUGHT.crime S1E1

Self Image | THOUGHT.crime S1E1

S1E1: On this episode, I talk about struggling with self doubt and anxiety and the feeling of being alone in a crowd and how it all reflects back on self image. THOUGHT.crime is a series where I wake up in the middle of the night and talk about whatever is on my mind, be it an insecurity, something I've learned, or a current problem I'm facing. I'll even answer the random question from time to time which you can send me via my Facebook/Instagram anonymously or email. THOUGHT.crime is a concept derived from George Orwell's "1984," a novel where in this fictional dystopian future, the government has full control of its citizens, limiting even their thoughts. Any thought against the norm or what is deemed right will automatically brand that person as a Crimethinker, punishable sometimes in severe ways. THOUGHT.crime challenges my viewers to think outside the box and have a new perspective or angle on common (or uncommon) problems in ourselves and in society. Credits: Background Music Artists: acxle YungRhythm enkae mell-ΓΈ ginji DLJ solus et vanae Baely Meister Eder Vynix

Duration: 44 min

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