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Are you giving your dog too much “natural?” How to not go overboard

Are you giving your dog too much “natural?”  How to not go overboard

Here’s a hint, it’s all in the basics! Dr. Odette Suter will be teaching you how to avoid the “quick fix” mindset that’s creeped into holistic dog care.  She’ll be going over: Basic needs of your dog’s body Common deficiencies and excesses Mimicking nature What your vet doesn't tell you Practical ways to use natural remedies Dr. Suter is a holistic veterinarian, owner of Peak Animal Health Center, and author of  “What your vet never told you: Secrets to supporting peak health for your animal” Going 100%  “natural” might seem like a great choice. After all, it’s “in” right now. And, seriously, who could deny that natural is safer than synthetics? But here’s the big question - is natural always better? Dr. Suter answers this by teaching you the foundations of your dog’s health. Knowing this, you can decide what’s best for your dog. Tune in to this episode of the Thriving Dog PAWcast. Highlights:  [2:07] Her journey into the holistic field [9:50] What your vet didn’t tell you [13:13] Common dog deficiencies [14:06] How to mimic nature in your dog’s diet [18:24] What your dog might be getting too much of [22:42] Is natural always good? [28:53] Her thoughts on CBD [30:48] “Animal Longevity Secrets Revealed” video series [37:25] How the GI tract affects your dog’s health [38:47] The vagus nerve [45:58] Other pillars of health Resources Mentioned on this episode peakanimalhealthcenter.com Connect with Tim Berthold LinkedIn Thanks to our sponsor – Sunny’s® Sunny’s® is the first line of supplements specially-designed for the unique needs of Golden Retrievers.  Forever Golden® is the flagship product, and supports the healthy aging of adult and senior Golden Retrievers.  It’s formulated by Holistic Vets to support flexy joints, supple skin, strong immunity, and healthy circulation of adult and senior Goldens. Forever Golden® is loaded with 10 human-grade ingredients like Organic Reishi mushroom, Organic Chlorella, and superior forms of Curcumin and Ashwagandha.  It’s also 100% Non-GMO and free from typical inflammatory ingredients that can cause problems for Goldens.   Head on over to sunnysgoldens.com and use code PAWCAST for $10 off your first order.

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