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Caring for your dog in crazy times

Caring for your dog in crazy times

We’ve got the scoop on COVID-19… for your dog that is. To answer all your coronavirus questions we got Dr. Tori Coutner of the @balancedpetvet on the show. Can my dog get coronavirus? Can they spread it? Are there any cases of the virus in pets? But that’s not all we need to worry about. Many of us are experiencing the quarantine blues and our dogs feel it too. Dr. Tori chats about the changes your dog is experiencing. She offers: tips for your dog’s anxiety what to do when your pets pick up the tension at home supplements to calm your dogs during COVID But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. There are so many things you can do with your dog during #quarantinelife. And Dr. Tori gives us some great ideas! There’s no doubt about it, we’re living in crazy times. But here at the Pawcast, we got your dog’s needs covered! Now if you have a cat who’s pretty much hating you for intruding on their “me” time… sorry,  can’t help you there! But you can learn more about Dr. Tori at balancedpetvet.com. She’s a veterinarian and founder of The Balanced Pet Vet in Southern California. She believes in a balanced approach to pet care. Her pet patients get only the best of both western and eastern medicine. Tune in to this episode of the Thriving Dog Pawcast! Highlights:  [4:08] Can your dog get coronavirus and transmit it? [9:54] Dr. Tori’s advice when your dog is acting weird [17:55] When your pets pick up the tension at home [21:27] Supplements to calm your dogs during COVID [25:55] Activities for your dog during quarantine [29:39] How you being at home is changing your dog’s diet  [32:54} Intermittent fasting for dogs [36:16] A balanced diet for your dog Resources Mentioned on this episode balancedpetvet.com Balanced Pet Vet on Instagram Connect with Tim Berthold LinkedIn Thanks to our sponsor – Sunny’s® Sunny’s® is the first line of supplements specially-designed for the unique needs of Golden Retrievers.  Forever Golden® is the flagship product, and supports the healthy aging of adult and senior Golden Retrievers.  It’s formulated by Holistic Vets to support flexy joints, supple skin, strong immunity, and healthy circulation of adult and senior Goldens. Forever Golden® is loaded with 10 human-grade ingredients like Organic Reishi mushroom, Organic Chlorella, and superior forms of Curcumin and Ashwagandha.  It’s also 100% Non-GMO and free from typical inflammatory ingredients that can cause problems for Goldens.   Head on over to sunnysgoldens.com and use code PAWCAST for $10 off your first order.

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