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“I tried everything, now what?” How to care for your dog with energetics"

“I tried everything, now what?” How to care for your dog with energetics"

Get ready to learn all about herbs! We have none other than the Canine Herbalist, Rita Hogan, on the show. You’ll be leaving this episode with a list of herbs to try on your dog. Rita teaches us all about how herbs balance a dog’s body. She gives you the signs and symptoms to diagnose your dog as “cool” or “warm” and how to treat them. We chat about: what a canine herbalist does “cooling” and “warming” herbs which herbs to give your warm or cool dog the dog treat test Rita is the co-founder of Farm Dog Naturals - an herbal remedy company for the All-Natural dog. All of their products are plant-based and ethically-sourced ensuring the health of both dogs and the environment. You can learn more about Rita at canineherbalist.com or farmdognaturals.com. You can also follow Farm Dog Naturals on instagram @FarmDogNaturals. Tune in to this episode of the Thriving Dog Pawcast.  Highlights:  [3:04] What does a canine herbalist do? [3:04] What does a canine herbalist do? [9:15] Energetics 101 [13:00] 8 signs and symptoms of a “warm” dog [17:56] Don’t give this to a warm dog [23:38] Are Sunny’s ingredients balanced? [25:32] The dog treat test [33:16] Signs and symptoms of a “cool” dog [35:43] Herbal recipe to warm your dog up [38:30] Great sources for herbs [39:36] Final advice about using herbs   Resources Mentioned on this episode canineherbalist.com farmdognaturals.com Farm Dog Naturals on Instagram Connect with Tim Berthold LinkedIn Thanks to our sponsor – Sunny’s® Sunny’s® is the first line of supplements specially-designed for the unique needs of Golden Retrievers.  Forever Golden® is the flagship product, and supports the healthy aging of adult and senior Golden Retrievers.  It’s formulated by Holistic Vets to support flexy joints, supple skin, strong immunity, and healthy circulation of adult and senior Goldens. Forever Golden® is loaded with 10 human-grade ingredients like Organic Reishi mushroom, Organic Chlorella, and superior forms of Curcumin and Ashwagandha.  It’s also 100% Non-GMO and free from typical inflammatory ingredients that can cause problems for Goldens. 

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