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The “doga” routine your dog will love you for

The “doga” routine your dog will love you for

Looking for a reason to start that yoga routine? Now you’ve got one! Our Pawcast guest this week is Aimee Hyatt. She’s the owner of DogaFit where she puts the DOG in downward dog. Get your mats out and get ready to do yoga with your dog, aka DOGA! She teaches you: doga at-home healing together through doga doga routines Before Aimee brought yoga to dogs and pet parents everywhere, she became a human certified yoga instructor. Not only that, she’s also certified in: canine massage therapy acupressure animal reiki She appeared on Good Morning America and NBC Sports for her Yoga with Dogs practice.  But it wasn’t always her plan to chaturanga alongside her pups. She found yoga after a tragic loss and couldn’t help but bring them along for the ride. You can learn all about Doga with Aimee at www.dogafit.com. Or follow her on Instagram @DogaFitEvents. Tune in to this episode of the Thriving Dog Pawcast. Highlights:  [6:04] How she started yoga and doing it with dogs [15:52] Her doga routine [18:43] Doing doga in your own home [26:10] Do I have to teach my dog yoga poses? [29:12] How to get into a doga class with Aimee [32:12] Show some love for your vet [35:02] Healing together [36:06] Bio-individuality Resources Mentioned on this episode www.dogafit.com www.nomv.org Connect with Tim Berthold LinkedIn Thanks to our sponsor – Sunny’s® Sunny’s® is the first line of supplements specially-designed for the unique needs of Golden Retrievers.  Forever Golden® is the flagship product, and supports the healthy aging of adult and senior Golden Retrievers. 

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