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Trina Jones

Trina Jones

Most children are raised with the notion that one day they will surpass their parents in life using the knowledge and lessons passed down through generations. Trina Jones was no different, in fact her son Amazing Joy was surpassing her expectations not only being a gifted child, but possessing the kindness, warmth and care for others that most parents pray their children grow to have, only to have his life stripped away as it was beginning.  On July 15, 2018 Trina Jones lost her only son Amazing Joy, or best known as AJ to the harsh realities that our young black men face growing up in the cold urban streets. As Trina so bravely shares the details surrounding his death, she also shares her grief over the injustices faced in our unbalanced legal system. Episode 2 highlights unconditional love, harrowing lost and the pursuit of closure as another mother details her journey to closure. Stay with us as we bring you an additional tale of how mothers courageously fight for change against the impossible odds. Produced by ABF Creative Credits: Director/Executive Producer: Anthony Frasier  Executive Producer: Wanda Reynolds Lead Engineer/Sound Designer: Chris Mann  Audio Engineer: Jean Claude Canal Associate Producers: Ashley J. Hobbs, Joel Berke Writer: Sonya Marquez  Cover Art: Januz Miralles (@nuestranaut) Production Assistants: Vincent Jackson, Gabriel Ribero, Mujib Abdulateef  Special thanks to Headliner (@headlinervideo) ABF Creative Inc. 2019 | For more information or to leave feedback visit ABFC.co Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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