Erin Jensen, Aesthetic PA-C and Megan Pattison Experience Expert

Episode 10: Work-Life Balance

Episode 10: Work-Life Balance

During Episode 10, Erin and Megan talk about how about they maintain a work/life balance. Running their own brand means a lot of sacrifices, but they are sure to make self-care a priority. As sisters, they're cut from the same cloth meaning that hard work is in their DNA. But how does Megan, as a single lady with no kids, work hard and play harder? How does Erin as a mama to 3 blow off steam? Erin also talks about how paper gowns and shitty doctors visits inspired her to create The Treatment from a customer service perspective and Megan reveals that the secret to her self-care success stems from something she hasn't done in over 13 years!

Duration: 47 min

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