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Episode 7.5: Special Guest ER Physician Cassie Majestic

Episode 7.5: Special Guest ER Physician Cassie Majestic

Before we even created Through Thick & Skin, we knew we had to have Dr. Cassie Majestic on our podcast: Badass Emergency Medicine Physician, Wellness Expert and Lifestyle Blogger. We wanted to bring her on sooner rather than later so she could talk about the COVID-19 epidemic, where she is on the frontline in the thick of it. Since we're practicing Social Distancing, there is no YouTube for this episode, but rather we had her call in. During this episode we touch upon COVID-19 and how Dr. Majestic is handling the madness, the first patient who made her cry, and what kind of wild encounters she has had in the ER (Spoiler: It involves a perfume bottle shoved in an orifice). Make sure to follow Dr. Majestic on Instagram @dr.majestic_md and visit her site at

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