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Episode 137 - Started Taking Pictures, Now We Here, with Trevor Sarter @PromiseLandREI

Episode 137 - Started Taking Pictures, Now We Here, with Trevor Sarter @PromiseLandREI

Super fire episode.  On this episode I talk to Trevor Sarter @promiselandrei Trevor is originally from West Bloomfield, Michigan.  He began began his real estate journey in 2008, as a licensed realtor in Michigan. He began specializing in foreclosures.   In 2015, Trevor and his brother, Tyler Sarter, founded Promise Land Realty, LLC. A  full service real estate investing partnership with a focus, but not limited to wholesaling, flipping, and turnkey rental properties. Currently Trevor has been consulting upcoming investors. He has found passion to mentor those coming up in the game of real estate. Hear how Trevor got started in real estate by taking pictures of homes at $20 a house which turned into him doing broker price opinions from there he got his real estate license and started marketing and managing bank owned properties. Hear how he made 260k in real estate blew it all and got it right back.  Trevor is a graduate of the University of Georgia. Trevor's grandfather was a real estate appraiser and developer.  His father was a dentist, Trevor's learned about real estate watching and helping his father father manage his 10 unit property in Detroit. Key point from the show: Learn the low level jobs so you can know how to manage people You can find Trevor on IG and Twitter - @promiselandrei or at their website - Sponsor Fam: Todd Capital Options Course: Todd Capital Vending Course: Todd Capital - TC Investment Club slack: Invest with Teri - Notary: Charm City Buyers:…0LTkir6iaRh Hood Estates Trucking: Hood Estates Elite Real Estate: Ericka Real Estate: Ericka Williams Youtube: Twenty 47 Watches: HBCU Capital Club slack:

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