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4+ years traveling nomad escapes drugs by traveling - Podcast

4+ years traveling nomad escapes drugs by traveling - Podcast

Matt Elkins had a stationary childhood but in his early adulthood he decided to hop trains from Alabama to the west coast, where he bought a sail boat and lived on it for awhile. Matt now lives in his van and works craigslist jobs at any city he wants to visit. Matt also just started up a Van life vlog here on youtube! so make sure to check that out! Liked the video? Support the show by using the links below! Watch my Documentary about #Vanlife for Free! My main channel! WEBSITE (Client work, Podcast, Current projects, Consulting, Store, Camera Gear.) // Everything in my Camera Bag :: Everything in my Backpack :: Forrest Stevens Merch Store! :: Get Captions for your videos and increase the SEO! Consider supporting my videos on Patreon: :: Support this free content via PayPal :: Essential Vanlife and Off the Grid Supply list! - Listen to my Podcast! Travel for Nothing, Come Home Rich! Huge shout out to my patreons this month! Jamie Francis, Jennifer Stevens, Stephanie Bird! Instagram // Twitter // Facebook //

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