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Budget Travel Taiwan - Travel for nothing, come home rich! podcast with Rileys Island.

Budget Travel Taiwan - Travel for nothing, come home rich! podcast with Rileys Island.

In this video podcast Riley and I hike down an epic hike we were on in Taiwan and talk about our travel experience so far here in Taiwan. We share budget backpacking tips that we have learned so far like couchsurfing, friends and family, scooters, camping, hammock tents, eating like a local, and much more. We also talk about what travel does for our mental states and what it means for our development. Follow Riley here! Links to help the show. My Vanlife movie is on Youtube because Netflix said no.  DON"T CLICK THIS... My Vlog Channel  Rep the nayshh, spread the cult. Email list so I can exploit your wallet for all monetary notes of currency. and give you a Ebook guide for a minivan build if I ever write it, but mostly this is for the first point I touched on. My Podcast where I talk with digital nomads and interesting traveling characters about how to travel and work. My Stream of Consciousness Podcast where I get stoned and talk about life. WEBSITE (that I never Update) //  Here's a List of all the camera gear I use, You can copy me and buy everything on that list, and it will instantly give you 42,968 subscribers. (accurate as of December 15th, 2018)  I carried this stuff on my back for a couple weeks of hitchhiking, Glad I did, cause it was fun.  Give me money for things I will never do.  Send me hate mail with a dollar sign.  List of Vanlife Gear to outfit your van with, but really just another reason for you to click on my amazon affiliate links.  This is the only thing I might do if you are a patron of me through patreon, is shout you out in a default description. Jamie Francis, Stephanie Bird, and Renay Emond Websites That I use less than youtube because they are useless.  Instagram //  Twitter //  Facebook //  I offering a free video call with me every month on my youtube membership thing, but no one is joining cause its 5 dollars and no one cares enough to pay 5 dollars.  If you read all this give me 1 thumbs up emojis, 1 Tree Emoji and 1 Video camera emoji in the comment section.

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