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Van Life Podcast - You don't need to spend money to Travel, to experience cultures.

Van Life Podcast - You don't need to spend money to Travel, to experience cultures.

On today's episode I talk with nikki and jess about their experiences traveling and how you don't need that much money or plans to have the travel experience of a lifetime!  Links to help the show. My Vanlife movie is on Youtube because Netflix said no.  DON"T CLICK THIS... My Vlog Channel  Rep the nayshh, spread the cult. Email list so I can exploit your wallet for all monetary notes of currency. and give you a Ebook guide for a minivan build if I ever write it, but mostly this is for the first point I touched on. My Podcast where I talk with digital nomads and interesting traveling characters about how to travel and work. My Stream of Consciousness Podcast where I get stoned and talk about life. WEBSITE (that I never Update) //  Here's a List of all the camera gear I use, You can copy me and buy everything on that list, and it will instantly give you 42,968 subscribers. (accurate as of December 15th, 2018)  I carried this stuff on my back for a couple weeks of hitchhiking, Glad I did, cause it was fun.  Give me money for things I will never do.  Send me hate mail with a dollar sign.  List of Vanlife Gear to outfit your van with, but really just another reason for you to click on my amazon affiliate links.  This is the only thing I might do if you are a patron of me through patreon, is shout you out in a default description. Jamie Francis, Stephanie Bird, and Renay Emond Websites That I use less than youtube because they are useless.  Instagram //  Twitter //  Facebook //  I offering a free video call with me every month on my youtube membership thing, but no one is joining cause its 5 dollars and no one cares enough to pay 5 dollars.  If you read all this give me 3 thumbs up emojis and 1 Video camera emoji in the comment section.

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