Colin Barringer

EP 7: Quarantine & Chill? + Year-in-Review

EP 7: Quarantine & Chill? + Year-in-Review

WE ARE FINALLY BACK FOR EPISODE 7! We post this podcast an exact year-to-date from episode 6, so there was a lot to catch up on in our love lives and how we prefer to do first dates (1:20 - 19:10). We hit on how to properly date during the quarantine, and how will this change the way people date and socialize in the future (19:15 - 37:30). And rounding out the show, we address the BLM movement, and how we need to respond and be active in the movement to change things in our current society (37:35 - 59:47). We promise not to wait another year to do episode 8! Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends!

Duration: 62 min

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