Dr Hunter Mulcare & Amy Donaldson

51 - Psychs on film - the second part

51 - Psychs on film - the second part

51 - So Amy and Hunter decided to do another episode of therapists on film and television. In part because they realised that there was an over representation of male therapists in the previous episode and mostly because it is the holidays and they really enjoyed doing something a bit lighter. In this episode they play and talk about clips of therapists from Web Therapy, Pure, Lars and the Real Girl, Newsroom, Blades of Glory, The Sopranos (including Dr Melfi’s supervisor), the Sixth Sense (for the obligatory child psych content), Kath and Kim (for an Australian angle), Two and a half men (because Hunter’s brother loves that show) and of course the excellent Good Will Hunting. Hear Amy and Hunter discuss what is good therapy and what is not, including diatribes about CBT for OCD and whether ACT is appropriate, as well as the best way to engage a child in therapy. Don’t forget to check out the excellent episode discussing Good Will Hunting on the @schoolofmovies podcast feed for a great discussion of trauma and therapy : https://player.fm/series/school-of-movies-2361951/good-will-hunting

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