Dr Hunter Mulcare & Amy Donaldson

56 - Coping in the time of COVID-19 (part two)

56 - Coping in the time of COVID-19 (part two)

56 - Join us as we continue chatting about ways to cope with COVID-19. In this episode, Hunter and Amy talk about coping with information overload, how to self-care in the time of covid, managing expectations of yourself and home schooling. How can we take the pressure off ourselves but still do enough to keep going? We discuss why everyone is feeling so moody and what things you can do to lift your mood and feel a little more connected. To finish up, Hunter asks about what we appreciate more in isolation. Any topics that were missed and you to be covered message twoshrinkspod@gmail.com and let us know. ResourcesTwo shrinks’ COVID-19 resource pages: www.twoshrinkspod.com/coping-with-covidBessel van der Kolk on coping with COVID & why it triggers anger: https://www.besselvanderkolk.com/blog/how-we-can-nurture-our-mental-health-during-the-covid-19-pandemic It’s crisis schooling, not home schooling: https://ethics.org.au/this-isnt-home-schooling-its-crisis-schooling/ How long kids can work for: https://www.popsugar.com/family/homeschool-hours-by-grade-chart-47384958

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