Rania Khalek & Kevin Gosztola

S7: Episode 20 - Matt Kennard

S7: Episode 20 - Matt Kennard

*This episode was released early for patrons. Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola welcome Matt Kennard, the head of investigations for Declassified UK, to the "Unauthorized Disclosure" podcast.    is an investigative journalism organization that focuses on U.K. foreign, military, and intelligence policies. Matt describes why he founded Declassified UK and some of the obstacles the organization experiences when it comes to challenging the British national security state. He outlines how The Guardian has transformed into a media organization more beholden to security agencies. He highlights what he considers to be "third rail" subjects that "blue-check" progressives cannot "take a heterodox view" on and retain access to BBC shows or The Guardian.    Later in the discussion, Matt shares his views on how Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK have handled the coronavirus response.

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