Unnecessary Sequels

1. HER 2: HIM

1. HER 2: HIM

A new OS generation is created to be too dumb to evolve out of our plane of existence. Will Amy fall in love with one, or will her OS just spend too much time doing sweet pranks? Unnecessary Sequels was created by Brandon Daniel Garner and Walker Glenn; written, directed, mixed, and musically arranged by Brandon Daniel Garner; editing and sound design by Steve Kaye and Brandon Daniel Garner; engineering by Will Scovill. --- PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/unnecessarysequels  WEBSITE: unnecessarysequelspod.com TWITTER: twitter.com/sequelspod NARRATOR & RICHARD - Walker Glenn JEFF - Brandon Daniel Garner AMY & OS 2 - Maddy Goldsmith OSes - Kaeli Quick PAUL & THEODORE - Jordan Thewlis

Duration: 30 min

Release Date:

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