Unnecessary Sequels



Having won his freedom with Maximus, Juba has become a general in the Roman army. After losing a civil war, Juba is dragged back into new games to distract the public as a series of caesars are put into power shortly before they're assassinated. Juba must conquer every game, ranging from staring contests to Drag. Will he win his freedom... again? Unnecessary Sequels was created by Brandon Daniel Garner and Walker Glenn; written, directed, and produced by Brandon Daniel Garner; additional editing and sound design by Steve Kaye. ---- Subscribe to our Patreon to support the show and receive exclusive content! PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/unnecessarysequels WEBSITE: unnecessarysequelspod.com TWITTER: twitter.com/sequelspod NARRATOR, SOLDIER, SENATOR, PRAETORIAN - Brandon Daniel Garner JUBA, DIDIUS, RU PAUL - Brian Allen Mitchell SEVERUS, SOLDIER, SENATOR - Walker Glenn PERTINAX, ASSASSIN - Chad Opitz LUCILLA - Dominique Solerno PESCENNIUS, CAESAR 12 - Robbie Goodwin

Duration: 36 min

Release Date:

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