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Episode 48: Power Pack #37

Episode 48: Power Pack #37

Greetings from the Pack-Men (trademark pending....yeah right)! We are back with another tale of four kids with powers doing that New York thing.....wait a minute, my esteemed partner in chat has just thrown a wadded up piece of paper at my head....oh...yeah....right. I meant to say FIVE kids with powers doing that New York thing. And we ain't talking about Franklin Power! But what is this New York thing that I am talking about? Honestly, being from the west coast, I have no idea, and it just sounded cool. Also, I really do run out of witty things to say sometimes. Ow....just got hit with another balled up piece of paper.  You better stop that Jeff... you would not like me to get angry. I guess we should talk about this issue a bit. Like I alluded to above, we have a new powered up child. This is Rebbeca Littlehale. She has stars in her eyes and is going places. No.....seriously! She literally has STARS in her EYES and she is GOING PLACES. I do not just write random things and make jokes based on pictures we chose during our podcast! And again with the paper ball......oh yeah, that is exactly what I do.  Still, I am not going to write anything else until Jeff apologizes to me. Ok...fine...I will write some more. The kids meet and help a young girl who has some truly terrifying powers. Luckily, these kids have everything under control. I mean, they are Power Pack! The greatest kid team EVER! FIGHT ME! That is about it for our little synopsis. Pretty simple little story. I guess we just have one thing left to say! That's right...Costumes Off! Don’t forget to support us on Patreon,  We have started to release monthly episodes for our Energizer and greater tiers. We are covering the alternate versions mini-series that started in 2005. You can also subscribe and listen to us on YouTube!  You can also check out the art we talk about at our website: We also have some merchandise over at Redbubble.  We have a couple of nifty shirts for sale. Our show supports the Hero Initiative, Helping Comic Creators in Need.    

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