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Episode 49: Strange Tales #12 to 14

Episode 49: Strange Tales #12 to 14

Now...I know what you are thinking. You are sitting there, reading about this podcast, and wondering if you left your stove on. I do not want you to worry about this, so I will assure you that I have no idea. But in order to distract you even further, we are going to discuss not one, not two, not four...but three....THREE issues. That's a lot of reading! With so many pages, comes so many characters. One could even say, there are so many characters, that they are falling out of the sky! Get it?....Oh, never mind. Okay, besides Cloak and Dagger, who are the stars of this serialized story, and Power Pack, who are the reason we are even here, we also have the Punisher. You know, the guy who has guns and drives a Battle Wagon (or a battle van as some other guy on the internet insists on calling it). We also have a priest, and another guy related to Dagger..... And we have the Kingpin, who is kinda the shady dude causing the conflict with heroes fighting heroes fighting priests. It is a whole drug and blame thing. And then we have a hamster.....'nuff said! Oh, we also talked about my daughter showing a comic she made with her cousin to Todd McFarlane and I Like Comics...but that has nothing to do with Power Pack or this issue....I just like to brag. [gallery ids="1179,1180" type="rectangular"] So, I guess that just leaves me with the part of the synopsis where I have to threaten you, the listener/reader to listen to our show. But this time I am going to ask Julie to take on the task. I mean, if she can yell at the Punisher, she can yell at anyone. Don’t forget to support us on Patreon,  We have started to release monthly episodes for our Energizer and greater tiers. We are covering the alternate versions mini-series that started in 2005. And we do not shoot guns at people. You can also subscribe and listen to us on YouTube!  You can also check out the art we talk about at our website: We also have some merchandise over at Redbubble.  We have a couple of nifty shirts for sale. Our show supports the Hero Initiative, Helping Comic Creators in Need.    

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