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Episode 50: Power Pack #38

Episode 50: Power Pack #38

You better listen to this podcast or I will send a gang of mean (pirate) girls to smack you around and steal your toys!  What....too much?...Fine, I will tone it down a bit. How about if I threaten to send a monster to scare them? Can I do that? Fine, fine.....this is just a nice little story about Julie having a present stolen and how she got it back. But it is a nice story, and we want you to listen to our funny podcast. What if I told you that you will get a bunch of gifts if you listen?! What do you mean false advertising?! How do you know that I wasn't going to follow through on this?....They don't know! What do you mean I just told them? Just look at this shiny thing, OK!   You can also check out the art we talk about at our website: Don’t forget to support us on Patreon,  We have started to release monthly episodes for our Energizer and greater tiers. We are covering the alternate versions mini-series that started in 2005. You can also subscribe and listen to us on YouTube!  We also have some merchandise over at Redbubble. We have a couple of nifty shirts for sale. Our show supports the Hero Initiative, Helping Comic Creators in Need.    

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