Utopian Horizons

Utopia & Music

Utopia & Music

A host of guests join me to talk about a chosen song or artist in relation to utopia: sci-fi author and academic Adam Roberts on The Kinks, Anna McFarlane from the University of Glasgow on The Tale of the Giant Stone Eater, Imaginary Cities author Darran Anderson on Talking Heads, Fatima Vieira from the University of Porto on Grandola Vila Morena, All Units' Sean McTiernan on Nomeansno and David Bell on jazz. Utopian Horizons is a podcast about utopia. Each episode covers a different utopia, dystopia, utopian thinker, or utopian movement, asking what they can tell us about ourselves, our society, and our future. Music: The Fiction of Utopian Studies/The Road To Oceania by The Fucked Up Beat.

Duration: 59 min

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